Famous UFO Cases: The Top 5, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Famous UFO Cases: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Famous UFO Cases: The Top 5, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


We aren’t alone in this lovely universe and sometime fellow aliens try to contact even if you believe or not. Did you witness anything like that! There are few famous cases where few incidents claim to witness a UFO an alien. We don’t know if these incidents are true or not, but they are quite interesting. So, Go Ahead and read more about these incidents which are considered crazy or nobody believes their “made up” story. But there are few proven and Famous UFO Cases. There are also cases of some of the dead bodies of aliens.

Famous UFO Cases: Roswell Incident

In July 1947, an unidentified flying object crashed on a ranch within the northwest of the latest Mexico. many folks have heard of the Roswell UFO crash, but just some people know the limited print about it. In 1947 Dan Wilmot saw a bright object with glowing lights moving across the sky. It was a saucer-shaped object. He said that the Strange object was about a few meters away. It appeared from the South Side and disappeared in Northside. Few people believed that the U.S government crashed down an alien flying object to cover the entire thing. Later, this becomes an inspiration for a movie.

Famous UFO Cases: Belgian Wave

The UFO wave has begun in November of 1989 and around 13,500 people claimed to witnessed large, silent, low-flying black triangles, and around 2,600 of them filed written statements, in fact, photographs were showed up as a piece of evidence, but none of it had been taken seriously for 20 years. After that UFO logical organization Society claimed that this picture was genuine.

Famous UFO Cases: The Top 5, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Famous UFO Cases: Kenneth Arnold

Kenneth Arnold, a Pilot in the USA became famous for his statement were claimed that he had Witness a string of nine shiny flying objects which were in a share of a saucer. He said he saw them at a place known that was near Mounting Rainier in Washington. Kenneth became famous for his statement. But after a short time decided to prevent giving interviews.

Famous UFO Cases: Blue Flashing Lights Of Levelland

November 2nd, 1957, Pedro Saucedo and Joe Salaz, two immigrant farm workers called the Levelland department of authorities and reported about an unidentified flying object. Saucedo told the policeman that they saw a blue flash of sunshine near the road. Their Truck engine died, and a pointy Missile shaped object approached the truck. Police investigated. and a policeman too saw a beautiful red object moving across the sky. However, the police gave a logical explanation that the three men saw a severe thunderstorm and officially closed the case. But there were few more people who claimed a similar incident on the same night.

Famous UFO Cases: The Teheran Incident With F-4 Phantom

In 1976 an UFO allegedly omitted the capital of Iran, Teheran, and left the town, disabling the electrical instrumentation of F-4 Phantom II jets and jamming communication system equipment. Iranian generals said on record that they believe the thing was extra-terrestrial. Unfortunately, not much Iranian documentation survives thanks to the revolution that happened soon after. The US intelligence had enough writing to make the Tehran 1976 UFO one of the scariest and weirdest altogether UFO cases within the world.

Four Tehran residents telephoned the local Mehrabad airport stating that they saw a bright need the sky. Mehrabad’s radar was under repair and wasn’t operational, so General Yousefi phoned Shahrokhi Air Force Base at Hamadan, 275 kilometers WSW of Tehran. There was nothing showed on the radar. Yousefi saw a brilliant light and he ordered a McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom fighter plane. Lt. Yaddi Nazeri was flying that F-4 with plus a backseat weapons officer.

Once Nazeri reached Tehran, he reported losing all instruments and communications, so he rotated and returned to base, and reported that his instruments came back once he did so. Three more light objects appeared over the sky of the town then the citizens were claiming to ascertain it. ages past Iran was a more western opened country and this case luckily managed its road to the western media. There weren’t logical explanations of what happened.

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