China Coronavirus Cover Up:15 Reason Why Everyone Feels That China Is Responsible For Massive Pandemic

China Coronavirus Cover Up:15 Reason Why Everyone Feels That China Is Responsible For Massive Pandemic

Right now the entire world is under lockdown and other people are practicing self-isolation while maintaining distance from each other while calling at public. this is often all thanks to the coronavirus that started back in late December 2019. Now in April 2020 over 2 million are infected with a rising price. There seems to be no cure in view and most countries weren’t even prepared for this. But, new reports indicate that China may have known quite they disclose.

A possible China Coronavirus Cover Up


China Coronavirus Cover Up:15 Reason Why Everyone Feels That China Is Responsible For Massive Pandemic

China Coronavirus Cover Up: Since the breakout of the coronavirus pandemic, the town of Wuhan in China has been greatly observed by the entire world. Many experts have claimed that the Chinese government knows quite they’re telling us. Reports also indicate that they tried to patent a possible cure for the disease and knew that it might be carried by humans.

The info provided by China

According to the knowledge provided by China, they apparently knew nothing aside from the existence of the virus. They didn’t know that it might become an epidemic that could be easily carried by humans. But, new reports suggest that these are all lies which the Chinese government knew far more than they said.

China knew it could become an epidemic

Information was received of a call made on January 14th, 2020 by Ma Xiaowei, who is that the head of the National Health Commission. On the decision, he might be heard telling top officials the virus can transmit between humans which an epidemic might be coming their way.

But they decided to mislead the general public

China Coronavirus Cover Up: China knew about the important severity of the virus but chose to publicly say that there was “no evidence” of human-to-human transmission. the planet Health Organization (WHO) relied thereon advice to direct policy and advice that other countries relied on. China waited an entire 6 days to finally tell the reality. On January 20th the reality came out
President Xi Jinping finally warned China and therefore the remainder of the planet about the severity of the virus on January 20, an equivalent day a top Chinese epidemiologist admitted human-to-human transmission. But, why did they shut one’s mouth for six whole days while the planet panicked? New reports that indicate this matter put China during a very bad light.

The exact words
According to data received from the call by Ma Xiaowei, he said “Prepare for and answer a pandemic”. Proving that the govt knew about the virus and therefore the impact it could haven’t only on their population but also on the remainder of the planet . He also added “Human-to-human transmission is possible” making it clear that they knew more about the virus than they were letting on.

Remdesivir News

Remdesivir is an antiviral medication developed by the American biopharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences. it had been first created under the direction of Tomáš Cihlář as a treatment for Ebola virus disease and Marburg virus infections. By April 2020, redeliver was viewed because of the most promising treatment for COVID-19 by Johns Hopkins University.

It may not be the miracle cure

China Coronavirus Cover Up: Many experts have said that nobody drug will end up to be a miracle cure for the coronavirus but it’ll bring them one step closer to finding the proper one. Currently, all leading scientists and medical firms are performing on a drug that would be the cure for this deadly virus.

What did Gilead say about this?

According to Gilead, the California-based developer of the drug, that they had filed its own global applications for Remdesivir’s use against coronavirus four years ago. Currently, many countries and scientists from across the planet are collaborating with them within the race to seek out effective treatments and vaccines to combat the disease.

China Applied For A Patent

On January 21st, 2020, China had applied for a replacement patent on an experimental Gilead Sciences Inc. drug that its scientists believe might fight the coronavirus. Gilead’s experimental drug is at the present entering clinical trials in China on patients with the novel coronavirus. No evidence has yet been found that it could cure the disease.

The Numbers Add-up

All the reposts coming in by intelligence agencies make China bent be the bad guys during this global pandemic as they’ll have suppressed data and it fuels concerns a few cover-up of the pandemic because it erupted in Wuhan last year. China’s Communist Party leaders face accusations that they suppressed data, and even removed possible whistle-blowers.

All fingers point to the six-day delay

The biggest information to return out of this was the six-day wait that the govt took to let the general public know exactly how dangerous the disease really was. On the 14th the decision was made alerting the highest officials but on the 20th it had been made public by President Xi Jinping. On January 21st, a patent for commercial use of Remdesivir was filed in China.

Why would China do this?
Right now the planet is in chaos because the death and infected toll keeps rising a day . immediately there’s a race to seek out a cure and it’s a winner takes all situation. The country that finds a cure will receive immense prestige – and would boost China’s narrative that its response deserves praise, not criticism.

Where is that the drug now?

Even US President called the drug ‘promising’ after anecdotal reports that it had helped some patients. Unfortunately thanks to low stocks, it couldn’t be included within the world’s biggest trial of possible treatments being travel by Oxford University. they have to try to more testing before anything are often confirmed.

China Coronavirus Cover Up and China Coronavirus 2nd Wave

Wuhan was the epicenter of the pandemic after which the govt issued a lockdown but in April, the lockdown was lifted. Unfortunately, coronavirus 2nd wave cases are surfacing in China which led to a replacement lockdown being imposed by the govt. This proves that the threat isn’t yet under any country’s control.

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