Phasmophobia Is Your Worst Enemy. Top 5 Ways To Defeat It!

Phasmophobia means fear of ghosts. For individuals who suffer from phasmophobia, they simply notice supernatural things such as Ghosts, vampires, witches, etc. We are all more or less involved with the word ‘fear’. Our feeling of ‘fear of ghosts’ revolves around various miraculous or supernatural events. When the remnants of a movie or a storybook on a self-reliant or otherworldly subject peek into the mind from time to time, a creepy feeling is born. For some, the affair is a thrill, while for others, it is a life-threatening threat. Medical science has included a type of phobia called fear of miracles or ghosts, called ‘Phasmophobia’.

Phasmophobia Is Your Worst Enemy. Top 5 Ways To Defeat It!

How to overcome Phasphomobia

Phasmophobia or Fear of ghosts is not usually considered too worrying. However, if the level of fear increases excessively or if this fear has a bad effect on daily life, then caution should be taken in this regard. But first, you have to try to get out of this phobia without worrying. Now I am suggesting some home treatments that can reduce the problem of Phasmophobia.



  • Trying to overcome fear: The best way to get rid of Phasphomobia is to try to get rid of the fear of ghosts. The more the fear of ghosts is tolerated, the more the fear will remain in the mind. So, first of all, you have to understand your mind, there is no such thing as a ghost. This is a completely wrong idea in your own mind. And if you believe in ghosts, you should try to see ghosts. Because you have to believe that even if there is a ghost, it can never hit you directly, but the only fear can be the cause of your death. So harden your mind and build your mind to face the ghosts.
  • Making the mind much more logical: In this age of science, it is very difficult to believe in ghosts. However, if the fear of ghosts resides in the mind, then awaken the scientific thinking of the mind. The habit of accepting easily without proof of anything must be eliminated. If you are afraid to see or feel something or hear a sound, you have to look for its source. Finding out what caused it will solve all your curiosity.
  • Take refuge in humor to get rid of fear: Make fun of yourself for being afraid of ghosts. Or think of a comedy character you like very much. Think of some fun memories of your life. Ghosts are not always bad, they think that they can be good. A good example of this is the ghost figure of ‘Gupi Gain Bagha Bain’ a Bangali funny movie about the ghost. There are many funny ghost movies that are made before. You can see those movies for entertainment.
  • Keep yourself safe: If you can’t overcome the fear of ghosts by doing many things, then it is wise to try to keep yourself safe. Usually, when you watch a ghost movie or read a book, it works more in your head, which disappears in a few days. So if too much fear builds up in your mind, sleep with someone at night, or turn on the light or play a light song.
  • Refrain from watching ghost movies or reading books: People who are very afraid of ghosts can stop watching ghost movies or reading ghost books if they want. However, many people are scared but can not stop themselves from watching ghost movies. In their case, the tendency to be alone is less common. Otherwise, you can watch ghost movies during the day without watching ghost movies at night. Needless to say, the joy of being afraid of ghosts must be lost in full.

Phasmophobia Is Your Worst Enemy. Top 5 Ways To Defeat It!

You can try to solve the problem with this home treatment. If these can not help you to overcome Phasmophobia. You should seek the help of a psychiatrist. Many become so obsessed with ghosts that their daily lives are disrupted. This type of phobia can lead to more complex psychological problems. So the phobia of fear of ghosts should be destroyed a little. If in any case the fear of ghosts cannot be reduced and this leads to sleep disturbances, then it would be wise to seek the help of an experienced doctor.

In this age of science, fear of ghosts has become one of the means of luxury or entertainment. For those who have this truth in mind, the subject of ghosts is a matter of pleasure and mere entertainment. According to many, what is the benefit of reading ghost movies or books if you are not afraid? However, the human mind can become different at different times, in different situations. So this phobia should not always be underestimated. If the phobia becomes very severe, it should not be seen as a shame to take appropriate treatment. These treatments can occur in two ways. Therapeutic techniques and medicine.

Medicines for Phobias

Anti-anxiety medications and antidepressant medications can reduce the emotional and absurd reaction you have to fear of Ghosts. These medicines also help to stop or reduce the physical reaction. These medicines also reduce the symptoms quickly.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Therapy for Phobias

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy. This form of therapy modifies thought patterns in order to change moods and behaviors. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most popular therapy treatment for phobias, including phasmophobia.

Fear of ghosts is not a joke or a silly thing.  Phobias are real, and the effect they can have on your health and life is serious. Overcoming a phobia can be difficult. But if you have enough confidence you can easily overcome phobias.


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