Mahabaleswar: One Faraway Paradise Blessed With Spectacular Scenery

Mahabaleshwar, The hill station located in the Satara district of Maharashtra is one of the best hill stations in Maharashtra. One cannot miss a trip to Mahabaleswar while having a tour of Maharashtra. The place has beautiful natural gifts. You can easily see greenery all over the place, large hills for trekking, and the fantastic weather all over the place.

The fresh air flowing all over the town is worth enjoying, and for people who live in polluted cities, this experience is heavenly. Mahabaleswar travels have also been a sacred trip for Hindus due to its historic temples, and the holy river Krishna originates from this place.

One of the most fascinating things about a Mahabaleshwar trip would be experiencing the delicious Strawberries grown in this locality.

Mahabaleswar: One Faraway Paradise Blessed With Spectacular Scenery


Mahabaleshwar has hilly slopes on which these amazing strawberries are grown. You would be surprised to know that almost 80-85% of the whole nation’s strawberries are produced in Mahabaleshwar.

Tourist spots in Mahabaleshwar

Pratapgad Fort


The fort located in Mahabaleshwar is one of the most historical places to witness during your Mahabaleshwar travel. It was the site of the famous battle of Pratapgad and is very mysterious. Mahabaleshwar tourism maintains it very well and attracts many tourists throughout the year. Also, the weather condition and beautiful scenery is an add on to this place.

Elephant’s Head Point


It’s the best place to have a view of the beautiful nature of Mahabaleshwar. It feels like you can touch the clouds out there, and all you can see is the green environment. It is one of the most famous Tourist spots in Mahabaleshwar and is worth visiting.

Wilson Point of Sunrise


It is one among the must-visit places while Mahabaleshwar travel, and as the name suggests, the point is famous for its sunrise and sunset. You can witness the red sun disappearing far away on the horizon.

Wilson Point of Sunrise

Dhobi waterfall

Imagine a large stream of water flowing down up from a big piece of rock, with trees all around. The Dhobi waterfall is the exact real image of this picture. Mahabaleshwar tourism has provided many facilities for people to go have the best experience out there.

Lodwick Point


The Lodwick point ultimately ends at the Elephant’s head point. The beautiful scenery, the deep valleys, and the dense forest over there will make you feel like staying there forever. The spot is so peaceful that you just don’t want to leave the place. It is one of the most attractive tourist spots of Mahabaleshwar.

Things to do in Mahabaleshwar

Being a famous tourist spot, you have hundreds of Things to do in Mahabaleshwar; here are some of the most exciting ones. And we highly recommend them to you.

Venna Lake – Have a Shikara ride at 


The lake came into existence in 1942 and has been famous among tourists during their Mahabaleshwar travel. You will get to see clean water all around you, surrounded by many beautiful trees. It is a perfect place to be in the evenings.

Mini Kashmir of MaharashtraTapola


Tapola is a place located in the outskirts of Mahabaleshwar. The location is so mesmerizing that it has the title of “Mini Kashmir of Maharashtra.” People enjoy the steep hills, the lakes, and the scenery. Mahabaleshwar tourism also welcomes you to experience trekking in the beauty of Tapola.

Temple at Gokarna


Have a sacred tour of Mahabaleshwar Temple at Gokarna – the temple came into existence for the first time in the 4th century and is mandatory in Things to do in Mahabaleshwar. It has great importance in the Hindu religion and is a significant spot for the followers of the Hindu god Shiva. It is always crowded with hundreds of Hindu pilgrims. You can’t miss a chance to witness such a sacred environment.

Local Town Bazar Mahabaleswar

Have a shopping at the local town Bazar- Since Mahabaleshwar attracts many tourists, so a market selling some of the exotic items of Mahabaleshwar is set up in the middle of the town. You can enjoy shopping the handmade artifacts and clothes and also have some of the spicy Marathi food.


Best time to visit Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is a place of natural beauty. And it doesn’t matter which time of the year you visit this hill station of Maharashtra, a Mahabaleshwar travel is always worth it. Since the question is for the Best time to visit Mahabaleshwar, it will be between the end months of the year. The months between December and February are the best suited to visit the place.

The reason for these months being the Best time to visit is its climate at this time of the year. You can see the highest blossoms and the best of dense greenery during this time. The rainy season is always preferred to visit Mahabaleshwar. The water droplets dripping from the huge tree branches hiding behind the sun rays in it is always a pleasant scenery to experience.


Mahabaleshwar is a famous hill station of Maharashtra, and it has all the reasons to be so renowned. The historic tourists’ spots such as forts or the dense jungle, which, when view from some of the fantastic viewing spots is exceptional and very special to visit. Nature has bestowed its maximum love to the place.

The best part is the weather and the atmosphere surrounding you. You cannot imagine this clean environment if you are from one of those cities full of dust and pollution.  Even though if you don’t take a tour of this place, just sitting on a bench and breathing the best fresh air makes this visit worthwhile.

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