Phasmophobia – Why People Suffer From It And Top 6 Symptoms

Phasmophobia And Why People Suffer From It

Phobia means a sort of uneasiness issue that makes a person to experience utmost, absurd fear about a circumstance, living creature, a location, or an object. There are many types of phobia and Phasmophobia is one of them.

Phasmophobia Definition

Phasmophobia means fear of ghosts. For individuals who suffer from phasmophobia, they simply notice supernatural things such as Ghosts, vampires, witches, etc. We are all more or less involved with the word ‘fear’. Our feeling of ‘fear of ghosts’ revolves around various miraculous or supernatural events. When the remnants of a movie or a storybook on a self-reliant or otherworldly subject peek into the mind from time to time, a creepy feeling is born. For some, the affair is a thrill, while for others, it is a life-threatening threat. Medical science has included a type of phobia called fear of miracles or ghosts, called ‘Phasmophobia’.

Phasmophobia - Why People Suffer From It And Top 6 Symptoms


You may have seen a scary movie or read a ghost book. But even after the story is over, they are much more united with the characters in the story. The characters in the story were so alive that the characters seemed to rise from imagination to reality. And unknowingly he has created a ghostly environment around himself.

When he went to sleep at night, all the ghostly scenes in the story began to float before his eyes. He was lying alone in bed, but it was as if he heard a voice. There was a sound at the door. The sound of gnats coming from the wooden furniture of the house is coming. The ticking of the watch near the head can be heard. All in all a strange environment. As the window curtain was open, some light from the lamppost outside entered the room.

It is as if someone’s existence is being felt beside the bed in the half-light shadow. He wants to keep his eyes closed, but I know why he keeps opening his eyes again and again. He covered his face well with the sheet over his body, but it seemed as if someone would remove the sheet from his face at any moment. Again, next to the bed, maybe the white-faced child in the story is sitting with a hug.

Many Children, Young, and Old people are afraid of ghosts. According to the website, there are 66% male and 34% percent of the people suffering from phobias. They also categories by age and they found 45% belong to below 18 years old, 44% belong to 18 to 34 years old, and 11% belong to above 35 years old. They found these results by a survey where people gave votes all over the world.

Phasmophobia Definition


Phasmophobia Reasons – Why People Suffer From It

  • Anxiety: Anxiety is the most common cause of Phasmophobia. Anticipatory anxiety can create fear of ghosts.
  • Fear of Death:  Fear of death is another common reason for Phasmophobia. Those who are afraid of ghosts and they think they are killed by ghosts or ghosts attack him/her to kill.
  • TV shows:  There are many horror films that increase the fear of ghosts. Hollywood movies, culture, religion are also steep in our fear of ghosts. Ghosts act in the movie to watch us with extreme violence and fear. Stories of Ghosts scenes such as murdering children or pets. Finishing off one’s life savings or destroy the household also triggers Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia Symptoms

There are many symptoms of Phasmophobia. But Top 6 Symptoms are given below:

  1. Panic attack: Panic attack means suddenly the fear of something that triggers hard physical reactions. Actually there is no real situation of fear but they panic or are afraid of a situation.
  2. Difficulty in sleeping alone: This is another symptom of Phasmophobia. One who suffers from this problem they do not want to sleep alone. They think if they sleep alone ghosts come and attack them.
  3. Intense anxiety: Intense anxiety is also a symptom of fear of ghosts.
  4. Not going to the bathroom or roof at night: They usually do not want to go to the bathroom as well as the roof at night. They are afraid of the night.
  5. Tired in the daytime: They can not sleep well at night and so that they are feeling tired in the daytime.
  6. Decrease productivity: Lack of sleep can not do any work happily. They always feel bored and tired.

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