Top 15 Travel Destinations You Should Visit Before You Die

Top 15 Travel Destinations You Should Visit Before You Die

Spending your entire life in the same place, meeting the same people over and over again, visiting the same areas repeatedly sounds a bit boring. Why not explore the world and travel around to look out for some new unseen and of course fascinating places to visit. Here’s a travel list of the most beautiful destinations among the top 100 places to visit.


Amsterdam is among the most famous travel list destinations in Europe, Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is a tremendous place to visit and spend vacations. Annually, more than 4.63 million tourists from all over the world visit Amsterdam.

Top 15 Travel Destinations You Should Visit Before You Die


Most of the visitors are from Europe, who are responsible for the annual rise in tourism in Amsterdam. A great number of Travel Destinations and five-star hotels are located in this enthralling city whose room tenancy rate in 2017 was 85%. Moreover, Amsterdam was ranked:

  • 3 In Best Winter Vacations in Europe
  • 5 In Best Family Vacations in Europe
  • 6 In Best Places to Visit in Europe


Dubai is one of the 100 Travel Destinations to visit which are the most important and densely populated cities of the United Arab Emirates. It is known for its tourism. The greatest strategy of Dubai’s government is the tourist attraction that mounts the cash input of this city of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai possesses a number of attractions like Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Fountain, Dubai Aquarium, Palm Islands, Global Village, and the list go on. Reportedly, in 2018 on the basis of international tourists, Dubai was ranked fourth in the world. In 2012, 10 million tourists from all around the world visited.



Spain is a beautiful Travel Destinations, which was reported 82 million international tourists visited in 2017 and setting a new record consecutively for the last five years. The eye-catching geography, history, mesmerizing islands, diversified coastlines, and attention gaining are the main reasons behind Spain’s tourism. On the basis of spending, among the 100 places to visit, Spain is the second-largest country in the world for the last five decades with a worth of approximately 40 billion Euros.


Egypt is one of the oldest Civilisation on Earth. It is shown in many big movie franchises. The place is beautiful and has great ancient buildings. It always invites scientists and historians and hence becomes one of the sought Travel Destinations. Egypt is the world’s 30th largest country and is well-known for its tourism. In 2010 almost 14.7 million tourists from all around the world visited Egypt which resulted in a great ascend in the flow of foreign cash in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The major attractions for tourists in Egypt are:

  • Giza where Great Sphinx and Great Pyramids of Giza are situated
  • Saqqara, the capital of ancient Egypt
  • Luxor, an ancient city of Thebes
  • The Sinai Peninsula where a number of beach resorts are located


Paris, the capital city of France, is famous for its tourism. It’s always there on the travel list of many tourists. In 2018, Paris received approximately 24.5 million tourists including French visitors, Americans, British, Germans, and Chinese.


The city is a great reflection of French culture. Along with the historic sights, Paris is a major destination including modern attractions. Here goes the travel list of some tourist attractions in Paris:

  • The Eiffel Tower
  • Disneyland Paris
  • Les Invalides
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • The Sainte Chapelle
  • Orsay museum
  • Louvre museum

Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley is located in the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan, Hunza is among the 100 places to visit. It is commonly called the Heaven on Earth because of its breathtaking views. The majestic snow mountains, endless blue streams, lush greenery would definitely make your visit worth it with your loved ones.


As much as this valley is famous for its enchanting scenic beauty the people of Hunza are well known for their hospitality and friendliness also. The tourists are expected to visit this beautiful valley between the months of May to October. Furthermore, the top list beautiful places to visit in Hunza valley are:

  • Rakaposhi peak
  • Submit Gulmit
  • Eagle nest Duiker
  • Attabad lake
  • Rush lake
  • Karimabad
  • Altit Fort


Switzerland is a landlocked country bordered by Italy to the south, France to the west, Germany to the north, and Austria and Liechtenstein to the east. Switzerland has been rated as the most expensive country in the world probably because its currency is having a high value as compared to the euro and the others.


Well, they do have treasures to boast about with the high and beautiful Alps and lakes to visit. Lake Geneva, the biggest lake in Switzerland is being shared by France as well. The climate is generally temperate with changes as we move to different localities i.e. cold in the mountains. It is usually warm in summer with rains due to which it is on the travel list of many tourists.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is not wrong to be called one of the Seven Wonders of the World. With its majestic beauty, it sure captures the heart of many. Built-up by the emperor Shah Jahan proving His love for his dearest wife. A palace with two lovers buried in it. It sure is the center of attention for many with its white marbled walls and twenty-eight types of precious stones fitted in them.



This unparalleled beauty lies on the southern bank of the Yamuna River in Agra city of India. The Taj Mahal was designated as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1983. A lot of things are prohibited in the palace. Mobile phones are requested to be turned off.

Lahore Fort

The Lahore Fort situated in Lahore was built by the Mughals, Sikh empires in 1566. Lahore Fort was rebuilt by the British Empire after the complete control over the subcontinent. It has really great importance in the history of the Mughals. Inside the Fort, many other beautiful and unique places were also built. It has a small Moti Mosque, where Mughal royal ladies used to pray.


Another beautiful and important place of Lahore fort is Diwan-e-Aam, this was a hall used by the Mughal rulers for the daily public appearance. The most beautiful and amazing part of the Lahore Fort is the Shish Mahal. Due to its uniqueness, it is very famous. It has mirrors on its all sides and was built by Shah Jahan.


The Maldives is a country in South Asia. It is known as “the tropical paradise” for its beauty. This tropical country has islands surrounded by its own lagoon. The Maldives is a great tourist attraction because of its geographical position at the equator.


There are around 1,109 different coral atolls in the Maldives and because of the large number, only 200 islands are inhabited and lived on. A large number of the area is untouched by man which makes the Maldives a travel list destination and a tempting place to visit to see the beauty of nature.


There are many islands in the Maldives that are a sign of beauty. Some of them are:

  • Male Island
  • Hulhumale Island
  • Biyadhoo Island
  • Fihalhohi Island


Rome is one of the oldest cities in Europe which means that it is a treasure of historical places. These historical places highlight Rome in the list of tourist attraction countries of the world and of course as a travel list destination.


Some of the attractions are:

  • The Colosseum is also is known as the Flavian Amphitheatre. The Colosseum is a free-standing structure made of stones and concrete which makes this ancient place very captivating.
  • The Knights of Malta Keyhole is known as “The hole of Rome” by the people of Rome. The thing that is interesting about this place is that when you put one eye to the slot in the wooden door a vision of St Peter’s dome is perfectly perceived.
  • Anyone who wants to visit Rome must see the Pantheon. Because its entrance is free and also because of its religious importance to the people of Rome.

Newyork City

Newyork City is known for its skyscrapers and is home to over 7000 completed high-rise buildings, such as the Empire state building and Sprawling Center Park. Every time we hear about NYC, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Time Square, an extremely busy area which is located in the center of Manhattan. Times Square is the heart of Manhattan as if NYC is the eye of the USA.


New York City has many different districts and neighborhoods and each one has its own charm. Life is pulsating in every street and is filled with interesting buildings, shops, and markets waiting to be discovered. According to Wikipedia, New York received a 9th consecutive annual record of approximately 65.2 million tourists in 2018.


Bangkok is one of those 100 places to visit that has a great deal of appealing and attractive sights; this is the reason why Bangkok is so popular with tourists. Bangkok possessions include historical as well as modern tourist attractions. There are Royal palaces, temples, and museums that contribute to its captivating sights.


As reported by MasterCard, in 2018, Bangkok was the top city receiving the most tourists. Few of Bangkok’s popular tourist attractions are:

  • The Grand Palace
  • Buddist temples like Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Pho
  • Erawan Shrine
  • Jim Thompson House
  • Bangkok National Museum

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is an island situated in the French Republic. This Island’s almost total income is dependent on tourism. The Island’s mesmerizing sights highlight it in the travel list of tourists. Rental cars and bicycles are used as means of transportation as public transport is negligible there.


To explore the lagoon, motorboats are hired by the tourists. Activities like scuba diving and snorkeling are the prominent ones on the Island. Species of sharks and rays are inhabited in the Island’s water. A few diving instructors are also available that provide training in manta ray dives and shark-feeding dives. However, the sharks on the Island are not considered to be harmful.

San Francisco

San Francisco is the financial center of California. It is one of the most populous countries in the world as well as in California. It has many different neighborhoods and each one has its own charm in terms of culture and tradition which distinguishes it from the other tourist destinations.

San Francisco is the center of attention for many tourists and is among those 100 places to visit that are on the travel list of a great number of visitors. Few of the tourists’ attractions in San Francisco are:

  • The Golden Gate Bridge
  • Alamo Square Park
  • Lombard Street
  • Pier 39
  • Alcatraz Island

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