You Have Been Hacked: 10 Suspicious Signs That Your Computer Has Being Spied On

You Have Been Hacked: 10 Suspicious Signs That Your Computer Has Being Spied On

You Have Been Hacked: 15 Suspicious Signs That Your Computer Has Being Spied On!

Nowadays, it has become a common practice to steal someone’s private information and use it for money by selling it or using personal information like a credit card number or other important things. Hackers are everywhere and are always trying to steal your information and get inside your personal computers. And that can be a horrible thing. Imagine that you are using your computer someone is taking your pictures or recording your video or reading your personal information. Scary isn’t it! Let’s read and find some Suspicious Signs That Your Computer Has Being Spied On!

You Have Been Hacked: 10 Suspicious Signs That Your Computer Has Being Spied On

Here in this article, we will tell you about the 15 Suspicious signs that your computer is being spied on. And at the end of this article, we will also give you some tips to keep yourself safe from hackers and other viruses that may steal your info and make it public.

Peripherals Devices and Antivirus Software Don’t Work Normally

One of the most common signs you will see is your webcam starts recording and your microphone starts working without your turning it on. The same goes for other devices like a printer. You turn on your computer and find your antivirus software disabled. To get the information out of your device, the first step is to disable your antivirus. By doing this, a hacker can easily room into your device and steal your information. This may have done because you downloading an application from an unknown web page or resource and installing it may have disabled your antivirus. You may turn it on as quickly as you can.

Fake Virus Alerts

While working on your computer you get fake virus messages. This means someone is trying to get access to your computer. Please do not enter, as it is a trap for getting access to your computer and steal your information. It is because, while surfing on the internet you may have come across an unknown website that has malware. That gets into your device and shows fake messages. Once you click on them hackers get inside your device.

Frequent And Fake Pop-ups

Frequent pop-ups may indicate that you are in danger. Getting a few pop-ups is normal for everyone. Like everyone gets them but getting frequent ones are not a good sign. If that happens check your anti-virus software if it is working properly. Because frequent ad pop-ups show when your ad blocker is disabled. To enable it and make sure you don’t have any other antivirus software downloaded without your permission.

An Online Password Doesn’t Work.

Your social account password does not work. If that is the case you are screwed, someone has got into your personal info and hacked into your account. You may directly contact the social site and ask for help and also inform your friends and family to be aware of that. It may have done because you have clicked on some link random message and put your info, like password, there.

Unknown Software, Browser Addons Get Installed

Getting new extensions on Chrome, or whatever browser you use, without your permission or knowing could be a red flag. Check them and disable them as soon as you can. Do not enter to check them as you will make it easier for someone who is trying to Hack your computer. An unknown App or Software on your computer can be an alarming sign. It means someone may trying to get into your computer and stealing your info. But it shouldn’t be left unnoticed. Because this also happens if an App is continuously running in the background that you don’t know about. Maybe it’s some kind of virus that you accidentally downloaded.

Unusual activities On Your Social Media Accounts and Redirection To Other Websites

Your friends noticing unusual activity on your social media account like receiving unusual messages with links, your number of friends has grown or your personal stuff is on the internet, you may call for assistance. Because someone has got into your account and is now controlling it. When you are surfing on the Internet you may sometimes get redirected to unknown pages and that’s ok for some sites. But if you are typing and your browser redirects you somewhere else.

That is not right. You may check for assistance or an expert to help you. If you see your cursor moving on its own and you cannot control it. You are in big trouble! Check if it’s a buddy who’s connected to your computer and is controlling your stuff. If that’s not the case you surely turn off the internet and call for help as soon as possible. Because your privacy is in danger.

Slow Computer and Battery Drains Out Quickly

Your Computer Becomes Slow At Processing. Slowing down your computer is also a sign that you are being spied on. Although it is not necessary to consider that. Because slowing down of your computer also depends upon various factors like RAM, Processing Chip, etc.

Battery draining occurs when an app is continuously running in the background. Go to settings and check if there is some app draining the battery. But if you find nothing. There might be a possibility that some unknown app is running on your device and consuming your battery that you don’t know of. Hackers send these kinds of viruses that slowdowns the computer and consume a lot of battery. So beware of anything you download from an unknown source.

Your homepage is changed

Changing your homepage is one of the red flags you should look out for. You open your browser and your homepage is changed is an indication that you are being spied on because if you didn’t change your homepage there is definitely someone spying on you. Check your browser history and if you find something suspicious, disconnect the internet call the experts.

Applications/ Program files do not work properly or get crashed.

When someone tries to hack your computer or spies on you they send you malware files that are full of viruses. These can harm your device and can make your Apps get crashed. So if you are having this problem you maybe are spied on by someone.

Unknown light blinks on your computer.

Blinking lights without any reason on your computer is not a good sign. It may mean that someone is receiving or sending files to your computer. Those files may harm your computer and help the hacker to steal your information use it to blackmail you. So try not to save that information that you don’t want to get stolen like credit card numbers, passwords, your birthday, or other important documents.

If you notice something like that, Then There are chances that You Have Been Hacked. Turn off your internet connection and call the helpline.

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