Potters Hill: 1 Hidden Gem Between Valleys Of Himachal Pradesh

Potters Hill: 1 Hidden Gem Between Valleys Of Himachal Pradesh

Potters Hill: 1 Hidden Gems Between Valleys Of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal is a place for massive mountains and the best of the natural beauty. The Camp Potters have a coverage area of more than 100 hectares and have a dense stretch of forest all over the place. It is at an altitude of 2050 meters from the ground level and is at a distance of next to 5 kilometers from Shimla. It’s a perfect place for those who love to spend time admiring the beauty of nature.

Potters Hill: Camping

The camp Potter hill is a resort set up, right in the middle of a dense forest. It’s an entirely different experience to spend a night stay in such a place. The resort is a famous spot among tourists. They organize various activities related to camping out there. You can enjoy playing sports such as cricket in the middle of the forest.

Potters Hill: 1 Hidden Gem Between Valleys Of Himachal Pradesh


The bonfires are amazing, and treks can be a lot of fun. You get a chance to experience the natural beauty of Himachal Pradesh. The fresh wind and best vibe flowing over the place is worth experiencing. In a fact, many times there have been reports of sighting leopards in the area so if you got lucky you can see the beautiful predator in its wildlife conditions.

Potters Hill: Experience The Diverse Wildlife

As mentioned before the area is under cover of dense forest supporting a wide range of wildlife. You can see many different species of birds out there. The place is well known for its bird watching, and you can witness some of the most exotic species in these forests. You can easily see birds like Koels and Khaliznear at the camping sites. It’s a complete mystery and adventure to discover new and unexpected wildlife out here. The camp has setups such as bird watching stands near the places where often these birds are spotted.


Potters Hill: The Surroundings

Surrounding the hill, there are many small villages where you can find different local tribes of Himachal Pradesh. You can see the villagers often with their domestic animals on the grazing lands surrounding the hills. Sometimes when there is a ceremony or a function in one of these villages you can hear folk music if you carefully listen to it. The air is so clean that it carries the smell of the feast the villagers are cooking down there. And when it comes to scenery, everything which you can observe from the hill is a display of nature at its best.




Potters Hill: The Unique Name?

If you enquire about this question with the locals or the people out there in the resort the answer you get is quite impressive. Long ago there was a big pond near the place. The pond still is visible but is not that much appreciable as you listen to the stories. They tell that all the great pot makers assembled here on the pond for making the mud pots and hence the hill was a manufacturing spot for the pots. So the hill is still named in their works.



Potters Hill: A Perfect Place For Vacations!

The place is now having eight luxury tents and 11 cottages with all the modern facilities. It is a perfect destination for vacations as it provides you with the chance to feel the magic of nature. The place is having facilities such as small eating restaurants and barbeque. The evening barbeque service is great. You can have live music with grilled food on a fresh grill. All such events enhance the beauty of the place, and you won’t regret choosing this place for having a fun time.



Potters Hill: How To Reach?

As mentioned earlier, the place is very close to Shimla. You can plan a road trip to the site easily. Though the roads are still very dusty and you have to cross some of the villages to get past the resort, the journey is not a hectic one. Interestingly you will find many villagers have established small shops on the way and sell basic items. You can also get beverages such as tea, coffee, and some basic snacks at these shops. The dusty road has open grazing lands on both of its sides, and you can always see one or the other villagers enjoying the weather and smoking in the open field with all its animals grazing around.

Potters Hill: Conclusion

The Camp Potters hills are a major attraction for tourists in Himachal Pradesh. The tourism of Himachal Prades and the private authorities having the share out there on the resort maintains the place very efficiently. It has the title of an eco-friendly resort; hence you won’t be finding things that have an ill effect on the environment. The government and the locals protect both, the Flora and Fauna growing in these hills. The locals respect and love this gift of nature and somewhat have a connection with the place. Camping at such a site is always a completely new adventure in one’s life, and hence it’s worth a shot.

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