Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi (5 Seasons You Must Watch Now)

Dirilis Ertuğrul is a Turkish historical novel and adventure television series made by Mehmet Bozdag, starring Engin Altan Düzyatan. It was filmed in Riva, a village in the Istanbul Village of Istanbul, Turkey, and premiered at TRT 1 in Turkey on December 10, 2014.

The Series is based on the history of the Turkish Muslim Oghuz, which took place in the 13th century. It revolves around the life of Ertuğrul, the father of Osman.

Osman was the founder of the Ottoman Empire. It was well-received, especially in the Muslim world.


Resurrection: Ertugrul

Resurrection: Ertugrul

In this age, we get the most knowledge through our beloved screens, which are educational TVs and movies with clean content and having Muslim privileges. In my opinion, it is always better for Muslims to portray them as heroes, soldiers and knowledgeable people, rather than as the negative characters we see on mainstream television every week. Not to mention the illegal sex scene in many series and movies that mentally hurts our community to watch. Dirils: Ertugrul has no rough scenes to worry about.

There are many series of historical novels, but how many times have these series been adapted for a Muslim audience? Dirills: Ertugrul spoke about the hearts of many Muslims, nurturing Umma’s emotions, identity, and sense of belonging. Keep in mind that this is a Netflix series, so not all are facts and there are many storylines for entertainment purposes only, but the lessons learned from the series are undeniable. Dirills: Ertugrul is just a TV show but it creates culture and revives lost emotions. Ertugrul remembers many things. If we do not reflect justice, our lives are not expensive at all. God is our power in the pain of the index. The truth will always overcome errors.

So you should watch this Series. We hope you like it.

Diriliş: Ertugrul Series in Brief

Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi: Season 1

Beginning in the 1st season Kayi Obasi started with Süleyman Shah’s son and Ertuğrul Bey recovered Prince Numan and his children from a group of Templar Knights.

Ertuğrul assured Seljuk Shazade’s daughter Halime and took her with her family to Oba.

However, Kara Toygar, the commander of Seljuk, soon left and demanded the return of the prince and his family.

Oba Bey Suleyman Shah suspected that by failing to meet this requirement, Karatoygar would take other measures.

Kayı Obası is also looking for a place to relocate. Finally, deciding to go to Aleppo, Suleiman Shah sent his son Ertuğrula to Aleppo and came to Emir El Aziz’s palace.

Kayı Boyu emigrated to a plot of land in Aleppo, near the Byzantine border, to learn that the tentacles of the Templars had reached Aleppo Palace.

El Turul learned that Nasher was the most reliable commander in Sudan, Nasir, and he was a traitor.

He tried to expose Nasir’s game to Sudan, opened his eyes, and tried to prevent Şehzade from tempting the rebellion.

In the last two parts of the season, the Ertuğrul and Kayı Alps occupied the Templar Palace and wore the Kayı flag on it.

Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi: Season 2

In the second season, Ertugrul was captured by the Mongols, led by Baycu Noyan. At the same time, the Kayi tribe led by Hayme Anna sought refuge with Dodurga, led by his brother Korkutė Bey.

Ertugrul fled Mongolia and then returned to the tribe, causing an internal conflict between him and his cousin Tugetkin the head of the Dodurga.

At the same time, Aytolun (Hayme Ana’s sister in law – Korkut Bey’s second wife) behind a conspiracy helped her brother Gumustekin become Margaret with the help of Emir Sadettin Kopek. Abdurrahman Alp later killed her.

With the arrival of the long-lost Ergurgrul brother Sungurtekin, tensions escalated. After defeating Gumustekin and Noyan, the tribe separated to join Ertugrul on the western border of Anatolia or to remain with Gundogdu and Sungurtekin.

Eventually, Ertugrul, his brothers Dundar, Halime Sultan, and Hayme Ana, and another 400 people left for the western part of Anatolia, leaving the rest of the Kayi tribe.

Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi: Season 2

Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi: Season 3

In the third season, Ertugulul ruled the Cavdar tribe, which is the most powerful tribe in Western Anatolia. Led by Candaro Bey and his children in the Urals, Aslhan and Aliyar, the Cavaliers are very adept at trading.

However, the Urals had previous twists, sought refuge from their father, and made every effort to achieve this goal.

After Ertugrul conquered Hanli Bazar, Ural Bey was sentenced to death for his role in destroying property by killing the Ertugrul Alps and killing Karacahisar’s Tekfur.

With the help of Emir Sadettino Kopek, the Urals were released and asked for help from the new Karacahisar commander, Vasily. The militants fought a bloody war with the Turks.

In the absence of Ertugrul and Aliyar, a new comrade of Cavadar, the Urals tried to be a companion to his tribe but was defeated and killed.

The Ertugrul group defeated Vasily along with Aliyar Bey, but Aliyar Bey died. Savci,  son of Etugruli was born and Bamsi married Helena, who later became a Muslim and changed her name from Helena to Hafsa Hatun.

Seljuk Sultan came to inspect his western borders. Vassiliyus tried to catch him, but Ertugrul killed him in battle.

In order to strengthen ties with the Cavaliers, El Tuglu asked Turguto to marry the adopted Aslihan.

Sultan Alaeddin also gave Ertugrul the title of Uc Bey, who angered Kopek, who promised to destroy Ertugrul.

Eventually, Sudan sent Erugrula to protect its eastern border from Mongol attacks, but some slave traders were caught.

Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi: Season 4

In the fourth season, Keila mourned the death of Ertugrul. Alihan handles the arrival of Uncle Bahadiro Bey. Meanwhile, Ertugrul is actually alive and abducted by a slave trader.

Dundar became Kayilar’s bey and tried to sell Hanli Bazar and moved to the Gundogdu tribe, but due to Ertugrul) he was blocked.

Ertugrul drove out Dundar, took Hanli Bazar and declared war on Byzantium after Ares was abducted by his son Gunduz. After the betrayal of Behadir Bey, Ertugrul executed him and conquered Karacahisar, allowing Ares to continue running.

The conquest of Karacahisar prompted Ertugrul to take action against Kopek, and Kopek’s betrayal threatened Seljuk. After a failed ambush, Ertugrul arrested Ares and promised to release him if he confessed to Sudan for Kopek’s misconduct.

The plan almost paid off, but the wife of Sudanese President Mahperi Hatun rescued Kopek, who was trying to make his son Giyaseddin Sudan.

Kopek was exiled and sent his men to Ares, rescuing Ertugrul when he appeared.

The God of War converts to Islam and becomes Ahmet and serves as Ertugrul’s spy. Kopeck staged a wrong attack, and Sudan asked to meet with Ertugrul, who explained everything to him.

Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi: Season 4

However, this meeting of Kopek poisoned Sudan and killed in the hands of Etugrul. Giyaseddin became the new Sudan and imprisoned Ertugrul until Ibn Arabi rescued him.

At the same time, Kopek’s adoptive father Gunalp Bey captured the Karacahisar and Ertugrul Alps and tried to execute them, but was killed by Ertugrul.

Ertugrul stopped it. Ertugrul tried to persuade Gunalpa to understand Kopek’s guilt, but failed. Kopek killed Kilic Arslan who was Giyaseddin’s brother and took power in the palace.

Giyaseddin issued an execution order to Kopek, and Kopek now has enough power to become Sudan. Aslihan Hatun took Aliyar’s sword and secretly left a relative to kill Kopek. She failed to kill, and Sadettin was almost dead.

With the help of Sungurtekin and Husamettin Karaca, Ertugrul cut Kopek’s head off in an epic showdown. The celebration began, but it was shortened by the death of Halime after the birth of the Osman.

The Mongols began to move to Anatolia, and Ogedei Han sent Baycu Noyan to rise from the dead and became an envoy to Seljuk. Noyan and Ertugrul joined forces to reach a peace treaty, but when Ogedei died, the treaty was broken.

Noyan’s sister,  Alangoja invaded the Kayi tribe and caused chaos, but was eventually killed by Hayme Ana. Noyan moved to Anatolia, and at the end of the season, Kayilar moved to Soguta. Noyan was dead.

Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi: Season 5

The fifth season took place 10 years after the Battle of Kose Dag, and the Mongols took over Seljuk. The arrival of the new tax collector Umurogullari upset Sogut’s balance. Ilbilge Hatun, the daughter of Umur Bey, infiltrated the Kayi tribe to obtain information about Ertugrula and fell in love with him.

At the same time an unknown Byzantine soldier, General Dragos tried to conquer Sogut. He killed the Umur Bey and built the Gunduz Alp so that the two tribes would oppose each other.

The arrival of Emir Bahattino undermined Ertugrul’s Mongol plan. After revealing the truth about Dragos, Gunduuz was acquitted, and Beybolat Bey arrived.

As the sons of Umuro Bey and Umuroğlu, after the death of his father, he was the murderer of Seljuk (the murderer) who worked with the Mongols to eliminate the rebellious tribes of Oguz And use the pseudonym Albaşti.

Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi: Season 5

Ertugrul’s brother runs from Albasti and hides in the mountains. Beybolat tried to marry Ilbilge and Bahattin, but when Ertugrul asked her to marry and reconcile, his plan was thwarted.

Ertugrul attacked the Mongols and stole taxes in order to start a large-scale war. This led to the death of Emir Bahattino, while Albasti and Dragos remained free.

When Zangoc (the real Dragos) rescued him from the assassination arrow, Ertugrul was rescued. Ertugrul now suspects Zangok is Dragos and tells the Girl to follow him. Hulagu Han sent Commander Alincak and Subutay to attack the Kayai tribe.

They took the family, Beybolat turned uc bey, Artuk Bey turned Kayilar’s ​​new favorite and told Ertugrul to hand him his chest, otherwise, they would take Osman’s life. Ertugrul abandoned the chests of his allies with Dragos and Lefkas Castle and ordered Ilbilge Hatun to spy.

Sirma Hatun became Kayi’s hatred number one, outraging Selcan, who fought and attacked her. Suleyman was imprisoned by Beybolat for shouting his Belik but was able to escape with the help of Ilbilge.

Ertugrul and his Alps took over the message of Hulagu Han and made changes so that Lefke Castle would not be conquered. Ertugrul listens to the meeting of Uranus and Alincak to understand the situation of his son and save him from becoming a slave to the Mongols.

Ertugrul then exchanged the rights of his tribe in the chest (a real thing he took and replaced with a forged document) and humiliated Alincak. Realizing that Alincak was hunting the Sultan of Izzettino Kayka, Ertugrul rescued him and accused Berke Han, the leader of the Golden Horde.

He handed over the Kaykavus position to Alincak in exchange for the grace of Gundogdu, which allowed him to rebuild his tribe.

The Subutai fell into the trap of Ertugrul and were killed along with Yial, the head of the Beybolat Alps. Ertugrul reclaimed Sogut and his bastard, removed all the Umur Alps and flags.

The Subutai fell into the trap of Ertugrul

Beybolat became angry at Ertugrul, kidnapped his nephew Suleyman and killed him under the care of Albasti. Alincak arrested the Girl, realized he was a spy, and then tortured him until Ertugrul rescued him.

The battle between Ertugrul and his Alps and between Alincak and Albasti Bamsi arrived late, causing Alincak to flee and Gunduz being wounded. Abdullahman was awarded the first Bamsi Alpine title.

Beybolat has asked Sirma to get involved in a radical conflict between Hafsa and Selcan, but that conflict is effective. Ertugrul and Uranus conspired to get rid of Alincak and successfully trap him.

However, Dragos and Beybolat reached an agreement to get rid of Ertugrul. Ertugrul tortured Alincak and told him who Albasti was. Meanwhile, Hafsa and her children were attacked by Albasti’s husband, who kidnapped Aybars.

Ertugrul knew that Zangoc was preparing to plan Lefke Castle, so he set a trap for Zangoc, but it is not known that the bell singer is the real Dragos.

Ertugrul kidnapped Uranus and kidnapped him, asked to tell him who the real Dragos was. The bellringer was imprisoned but fled after killing Augusto Alpes. Bamsi followed Aybars, but was trapped by Albati’s men.

When Beybolat appeared, he killed fake Albasti, believing he had deceived Ertugrulla. Bamsi disobeyed the order and abducted Alincak, handing it over to Dragos, who owns Aybars. Ertugrul rescued Bamsi from Dragaos’s trap, killed Alincak and caught Dragos.

Doubting Beybolat, he offered a plan to prove he was Albasti. Beybolat made an agreement with Dragos to help him get rid of Ertugrul.

On the day of the execution of Dragos, Beybolat extradited Dragos and helped El Tugro and his Alps kill Dragos, who had invaded the Guard.

Ertugrul killed Dragos. Bamsi, who repented during the fighting at the Sugut Mosque, was seriously injured in the fighting, but survived and was forgiven for Ertugrul.

Ertugrul met Ilbilge and realized that Beybolat is Albasti. Ertugrul and Ilbilge caught Beybolat and confronted him, while Turgut and the Alps took care of the Batur Alp and other Albasti soldiers. Beybolat proved to be Albasti, shocked Ilbilge, and angered Ertugrulla.

Ertugrul fought against Beybolat, and Gundogdu showed up and made Beybolat injured.

To escape, Beybolat danced from the cliff to the river below, then turned downstream and lost consciousness.

He was rescued by Arikbuka, the commander of the body and blood-brother of the fear spy Hulagu Han and Alincak. Ertugrul appointed Ilbilge Umurogullari as a refuge and told her that he would keep his promise.

Ertugrul and Gundogdu plan to negotiate with Berke Han to fight the Mongols. After meeting Berke Hano’s men, the girl was replaced by Arikbuka in the back and unknowingly taken them to Ertugrul’s meeting place.

Ertugrul and Gundogdu

The Mongols and Beybolat fought the Ertugrul and the other Alps. Bamsi discovered the arrows used to rescue Beybolat and took them to Gundogdu, who recognized them as Arikbuk and rescued Ertugrul.

Dumrul and Mergen were killed in battle, Turgut was badly wounded and nearly killed by Beybolat, and Ertugrul was badly wounded and wounded in captivity.

Gundogdu came to the battlefield and realized that Turgut had been severely wounded.

Melikshah brought Turgut to the tribe, and Abdurrahman informed Ilbilge Hatun that Etugrulis had been captured. Gundogdu, Bamsi, Gunduz, and Gunkut set out in search of Ertugrul.

Arikbuka and Albasti asked Ertugrul, who revealed that Albati had tried to kill Alinca. Angry Arikbuka almost drew his sword at Beybolat but stopped due to Ertugrul’s dissatisfaction.

Arikbukai was told that Gundogdu was looking for them and planning a trap. Sirma met with Umurogullari gatherers in an attempt to retrieve the attacked Case from Ilbilge and restore Beybolat.

Albsti was hidden by Ilbilge and Abdurrahman until he took Ertugrula to the secret cave of Arikbuka.

Ertugrul killed Beybolat and ordered Ilbilge to take the body to his tribe. Gundogdu fell into the trap of Arikbuka and was poisoned with poisonous gas.

Ertugrul saved him, and Arikbuka continued to run. Ilbilge returned Beybolat’s body and strangled her tribe, irritating Sirma. Ertugrul and his Alps returned to the Kayi camp, and Ertugrul reunited with the now recovered Turgut.

Artukas Bey brought news about the “White Beard”, which met Ertugrul and told him about goods important to Anatolia. They also revealed that there is a Mongolian spy near Berke Hano.

When Ilbilge opened the position, Sirma and Taskun Bey conspired to succeed Beylik. Ilbilge nominated the Bey battalion, which lost to Taskun Bey, which paid off for the other Beys. Taskun Bey then offered Sirmai Hatun and Ilbilge contacted everyone.

Bamsi, Gunkut, and Gunduz infiltrated the caravan and learned about Mongolian spies. Gundogdu and Turgut go to take the gold in the name of Ertugrul but were trapped by Arikbuka soldiers.

They resisted them, but no more gold. Ertugrul met Arikbuka and was tempted when he tried to ask him about espionage.

Bamsi, Gunkut, and Gunduz rescued Ertugrula from the trap of the fugitive Arikbuka.

Gundogdu and Turgut found gold and fastened it. Ertugrul persecuted Arikbuk but was misled by the resemblance. Taskilas Bey and Sirma were fired and doubted what had happened.

Gundogdu and Turgut

Gundogdu and Turgut returned to the kinship to hear the news of the Umurogullari election and decided to meet with Taskun Bey.

Ilbilge followed Sirm and saw her and a Mongol spy near Beybolat’s tomb. Taskun Bey said Gundogdu and Turgut continue to collect taxes on the state, which angered Gundogdu and Turgut. Ertugrul dared to meet Berke Han with his Alps to report on the situation in Anatolia and tell him the spy.

Berke Han was misled by his closest adviser spy. When news from Sungurtekin appeared, Gundodu and Selcan left the tribe. Gundogdu said Dundar would return to the Ertugrul camp.

Turgut and Ilbilge hid the Mongolian spy and abducted him. Ertugrul met Berke Han and almost failed before telling him to spy. Both developed a plan to isolate the visor as a traitor.

Turgut and Ilbilge returned to camp with the spy and questioned him. He found Sirma and Taskun Bey to be traitors. Turgut killed Taskun Bey and Sirma was imprisoned in a tent.

Ertugrul and his Alps fell into the trap of Arikbuka, but when they were rescued by Berke Hah, he discovered that they had deceived the spy.

Later, fighting took place, and Ali Buka left again. Sirma Hatun encounters Ilbilge and poisons her, but is killed by the dying Ilbilge. Ilbilge was taken to the Kayi tribe, where Artuk Bey brought her back to life.

The spy and Ali Bukaka created traps, but they were defeated and killed by Berke Han and Ertugrul.

Ertugrul led Ilbilge and the show ended in the Alps, Ertugrul led the horses into battle, and Osman raised Suleyman Shah’s sword and said he would rise and raise Kayi’s flag around the world.

How Dirilis

How Dirilis: Ertugrul Series Change the Life of Main Actor Engin Altan Duzyatan!

Engin Altan Duzyatan, the main character in the Turkish TV series Dirilis Ertugrul, said his role in Dirilis Ertugrul had changed his life. He said: “It is very important to play the hero of our ancestor Ertugrul Gazi. Of course, this character has changed my life. I am a person who always tries to be careful, but since I have taken on the role of Ertugrul Gazi, I try to be more careful to live my personal life.

Our Work Enthusiasm Increase by Love toward Our Job:

It makes us very happy and we can watch how many people love our job, which also increases our enthusiasm for work.

We worked hard to get such love. We worked five days a week and hope that such love will grow more and more.

I Do Not Have Time To Do Any Job In The Abroad:

The main actor received many job offers from abroad but it is hard to do it. Engin Altan Duzyatan said, they offer me to do job winter season but I do not have any time to do it in the winter season because of my TV series.

The main actor also said he wants to see the Turkish actor and actress in Hollywood films. He wants to see Turkish projects in Hollywood.

Therefore, there is much reason to watch the series. We explain the season 1 to season 5 in brief in the above of this article. We hope you like it.

Keep Watching!






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